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Along The Way – Various Artists EP

Along the Way Volume One

Release Date Vinyl / Digital 25th April 2019

After selling out with the Rick Wade’s huge release , RYMD London’s label comes up now with their third limited edition output, “Along The Way”. A Coloured Vinyl Compilation Release made up by a team of talented artists exploring different shades of Deep House music : Club, Funky , Cosmic , Jazzy , Balearic , Disco-ish and Garage.

Featuring: Ignacio aka Emotion , SDMA , Francesco Mami , Stefano Marvu , Seven People , Janet , Tetsuya Narita. Label’s main artists , Ignacio & SDMA , will be heading on an extensive tour through Europe , America and Asia to promote the release this spring.

“This compilation was born out of the desire to explore friendship , detachment and connection. A deep journey into the wild paradise. It has been an organic process of collaboration in between all the artists involved in the release. The challenge was to unify all the different eclectic styles and identities of each artist, but it all worked allright at the end.” Artist Quote

Release Track list:

1. Francesco Mami – Emme and Nico
2. Ignacio aka Emotion feat. SDMA – Paradise
3. Janet – March
4. Seven People – Haka
5. Stefano Marvulli – Emotional Jam #1 ( Live percussion by Marco Sonoro )
6. Tetsuya Narita- E


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