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Banksy Piece at Extinction Rebellion Camp London

Banksy Marble Arch London

New Banksy Artwork Appears in Marble Arch

Banksy is no stranger to spin, when he pulls the trigger, global media companies react with great gusto. Falling over themselves to find any snippet of information on the artists identity or where he may strike next. The reality show that is Banksy has once again gripped the worlds attention. One can only imagine him sitting back with a beer and vape pen, laughing until the cows come home.

The latest episode features the placement of a Banksy-like stencil at Marble Arch in London. The base camp of the Extinction Rebellion protesters currently embarked on a direct action campaign for cleaner air in the United Kingdom.

Banksy Walled Off Hotel
Wall Off Hotel Artwork

A piece with striking resemblance to the new artwork in Marble Arch, can be found in the Walled Off Hotel in Palestine. So called experts have been authenticating the piece all day today, after discovering the new artwork this morning. Art dealers interviewed in the media were already valuing the artwork at a million pound. Suggesting the piece be removed and placed in a museum.

Banksy obviously has more in common with activists fighting for the right to clean air than any relationship with the government. Unfortunately for the street artist, his fame is so great that keeping a mural in the space originally intended for any length of time is rapidly becoming an impossibility.

Banksy Marble Arch London
Banksy Marble Arch London

Worst still is the fact his exterior walls quickly find their way into high end apartments, trendy bars, offices or art collections. Whenever the artist reaches out to the general public byway of his artwork, an eager dealer or art collector rear their heads with cheque book in-hand and pen at the ready.

Property owners are thrilled at the prospect of selling a Banksy for ridiculous sums of cash. It’s that or having to cope with thousands of daily visitors on your doorstep. Where some see opportunity others visualise the nightmare of strangers outside your building.

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