Banksy Shreds Girl with a Balloon Live at Auction

Banksy painting any surface has long become a global phenomena. Everyone has a personal opinion on his works or would love to own one. Its reached such epic proportions, it’s equal to a mainstream band dropping a rare album. Banksy himself finds great humour in toying with the art world and media, choosing to taunt them at every opportunity.

At this point money and glory have little impact on his onward journey. This is a working class lad from Bristol, he doesn’t give a damn about the hype, unless considered a mighty piss-take of establishment. If he can’t wake up every morning with mischief on his mind and a to-do-list, I’m sure he’ll call it a day and laugh his way to the grave.

An auction house recently helped the artist perform an art-house piece live in their auction room. The Girl with a Balloon automatically shredded when the auction ended around eight hundred grand. By the time the shredded artwork left the gallery, it had already doubled in value. The prank generated dozens of headlines in a matter of hours and days.

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