Can You Feel It – BBC Four Documentary


Can You Feel It is the story of the Dance Revolution

BBC Four – Friday 21st and 28th September and Friday 5th
October at 10pm and on BBC iPlayer.

Can You Feel It is the story of the dance revolution – the beat, the clubs and the DJs
that changed music culture forever. A cast of the biggest names in House, Techno
and EDM plot the journey of the irresistible 4/4 beat. Can You Feel It is the story of the dance revolution – the beat that changed the world, the clubs that changed culture and the DJs who led the charge. In this uplifting and fascinating series some of the biggest names in House, Techno and EDM reveal the secrets of creating and playing great dance music as we follow the journey of the irresistible 4/4 beat and discover how house and dance has evolved from an underground musical movement for outsider minorities to a genuinely global culture with huge business brands and celebrity status artists.

From some of today’s House superstars to the most vital pioneers of the sound, the series
has a stellar cast telling captivating, emotional and surprising stories. Instantly
recognisable stars and overlooked originators open up about the things that inspire them,
about the art, politics and process of creating the music we love, and how it feels to be part of a musical revolution that has brought millions heartfelt joy and changed lives.
From the sexually liberated downtown clubs of disco era New York to the energy and
experimentation of 80’s Chicago and Detroit, from the wild abandon of British rave culture
to the commercialised hedonism and spectacle of the super clubs Can You Feel It is a
thrilling aural, visual and emotional journey driven by that pulsating 4/4 beat.
With an overall narrative arc across the series each episode explores one of three central
pillars of the dance music phenomenon.

Part 1 – The Beat.
The journey of the 4/4 beat from its disco origins, through remix culture in to house, techno and today’s EDM explosion. A glorious 60 minute rush through the invention of a genre – as told by the people who invented it.

Part 2 – The Club
A celebration of the most important cultural entertainment space of the last thirty years –
the club. The story of how club culture went from shady Chicago lofts to dessert casinos.

Part 3 – The DJ
The extraordinary story of the DJ. A cast that features today s biggest DJ stars and
pioneers plot the amazing DJ path from invisibility




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