Coca-Cola Cannabis Drinks Coming Soon

The Coca Cola Company has been shrouded in secrecy since forming in 1885. The two active ingredients were lots of coca leaves and kola nuts. A national debate began over the negative aspects of cocaine use in 1891, when the decision was made to decrease the amount of cocaine to a mere trace as opposed to grams of the drug.

Fast forward to September 2018 and news has broken across the web, Coca-Cola is researching the option to produce a cannabis infused drink to ‘help relive pain’. The industry was already given a huge boast by other drinks companies hoping to cash in on the current trend. Beer giant Molson Coors Brewing announced it would be making cannabis infused drinks, Corona Beer producers Constellation Brands invested $4b in cannabis company Canopy Growth. Coca-Cola remains tight-lipped but with the billions of dollars being thrown into this particular area, it’s clear Coca-Cola will enter the market.



























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