BEERMKR handles both brewing AND fermentation and is 100% open, allowing you to customize recipes directly on the machine. BEERMKR is the world’s only fully contained beer brewery that sits on your counter, giving you all the tools of the best brewers and all the fun of making delicious beer—without the mess and complexity of traditional homebrewing.

The recyclable brew pouch lets you start each brew with a fresh, sanitized environment, eliminating the need to clean and disinfect dozens of pots, buckets, siphons, tubes, and bottles. It is connected to wifi, has a CO2 monitoring system, and has the most advanced fermentation temperature control system on the planet. Oh, and you get to control everything from your phone.

You add the ingredients and the water, customize if desired, and BEERMKR delivers over a gallon—a 12-pack in fact—of commercial quality, ready to drink beer, in as little as 7 days.







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