Give Peas a Chance Goes Global

‘Give Peas a Chance’ graffiti on a bridge crossing the M25 motorway in Buckinghamshire has locals and drivers up in arms and raging against bridge owners Network Rail. 99.9% of the calls they usually receive about graffiti are requests to have it removed. What makes this case slightly different is that locals and drivers are demanding for removed graffiti to be replaced with the original graffiti. Sounds complicated, we know, so here’s a breakdown of what’s occurring. It’s unclear when but a London graffiti writer wrote his tag PEAS on an Edwardian bridge crossing the M25 near Denham some years ago.

According to a building report written in October 2009 by Oxford Archaeology, the words ‘give’ and ‘a chance’ were added later and thought to refer to the writers arrests. The fact graffiti was even mentioned in such a report is testament too how locals surprisingly felt about the slogan.

Give Peas A Chance

When drivers passed the bridge last week they found the PEAS tag had been painted black and within days replaced with HELCH. A Facebook page dedicated to the bridge Give Peas A Chance – Bridge over M25 became a front-line for an assault on Network Rail. They’re demanding HELCH is replaced pixel by pixel with the original PEAS. The page has been posting heart felt messages about the bridge for over eight years, such is the love for this graffiti.

Give Peas A Chance
Photo: Rhodri Tippett

Network Rail issued statements saying they had nothing to do with its removal and suggests no-one touches the bridge much less replaces the graffiti. A petition has been created to reinstate the graffiti and the story has made the national press and tv networks.



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