It’s surprising the number of people that miss the conversations happening byway of sticker art in the streets today. Aficionados have long observed chatter between writers reaching out to the world at large. Every lamppost is a telegraph pole for graffiti writers and street artists.

Stickers were adopted by early converts to the graffiti life, mainly due to quick and easy application. Spraying surfaces or tagging with markers wasn’t always an option for writers, slapping up stickers makes perfect sense. If stopped by police it didn’t present so much of an issue, unless caught with stickers seen plastered everywhere. The alternative to capture is removing them if given the green light by attending law enforcement.

You can see the stickers that writers leave behind in cities throughout the world. We’ve been shooting slap-up’s for over a decade and wanted to share some of our collection. All images were shot and edited by Team LSD. We’ll be posting many more stickers so keep tuned for more slap-up’s.


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