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Introspective EP on Potti Records

Introspective EP
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Techno & Tech-House EP on Potti Records

MGMT PR | Released: 1st November

Potti Records is a London based record label dedicated to pushing out innovative, forward thinking Techno & Tech-House music.

The label follows a meticulous sound belief with the main goal being to release what they believe to be the forefront of new-age electronic dance music.

Stepping onto the Techno scene, Lean As Troy crafted a name for himself by signing his first track ‘Umculo’ to Dense & Pika’s renowned label (Kneaded Pains) that got regular exposure in their sets and received acclaim from the likes of Maya Jane Coles.

“My Introspective EP captures what i’m currently feeling in terms of some big rolling driving techno. I wanted to produce something that you can really feel the groove and that would fill your ears with bass and rhythm!”


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