Dutch Street Artist JDL Gets Serious

We first met Dutch street artist JDL at the Dutch Street Art Awards 2017. LSD Magazine co-founder Wayne Anthony was one of the judges and JDL won the award for best new talent. An award she truly deserved to win, her artwork is thoughtful and well executed. She’s been nominated for the same category 2018 as well. The year has seen her working on various high profile projects, when not painting, the artist is organising international artists to paint at her Rotterdam Street Art Museum.

‘Child of the State’ is the latest beautiful offering from the artist, who pays homage to the Dutch child services. Painted in Heerlen, the tone, texture and finish adds to the mystery of the subject. Child services in any country can be a cold lonely place. The artist captures the heartfelt emotion of a subject suspended in space. We share her pain and hope for humanity.



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