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Maragakis – Gurl At The White Horse

Gurl at the White House - Maragakis

Banging Maragakis Track from Label Whore House


Maragakis comes correct with his unique blend of high energy Disco House. Melodic and vocal, whilst being extremely dance-floor friendly make this an addictive combination.

Gurl At The White Horse, leads the release with its up tempo funk, filtered House edginess and brilliantly paced arrangement. Disconaut leans into the funk bassline, filtered synth chops and more, one to bring all the ladies to the dance-floor for sure.

“The Gurl at the White Horse is down to groove all night, fee loving, but a bit grandstanding. You can never really find her angles but you know she’s got an angle in this game. Lots of curves, lots of groove. Despite her misbehaving, you still go for the pursuit. Swipe right to find out more. “ Maragakis