Massive Attack Spray Can Contains One Million Album Copies

We’ve always been huge fans of the Bristol reared band and trip hop in general. The band have always been cutting edge, they’ve been in enough dark recesses of the mind to produce sparks of genius that reach into our very being. Their albums phenomenal and the remixes are second to none. Each remix breaths new life into their timeless material. Unique in creation but as a signature sound we recognise the drama of experience in the production.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album Mezzanine, Massive Attack has secured their place in the future. This is the first album to ever be released encoded as strands of synthetic DNA. We know what you’re thinking, do l swallow it or play it, it’s Massive Attack, anything is possible. At this point 99.9% of the population won’t be able to listen to the actual strands of DNA. The device costs tens of thousands and you’d need the mother of computers to process the files and play it back.

Massive Attack Mezzanine

Storing digital data in DNA strands is somewhat of a complex process but can be done with the right team and kit. We’ve read about the smallest Mona Lisa stored on a DNA canvas and the possibility of storing films and images. In the book The Secret Life of Plants, authors Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird, document military experiments researching methods of storing data in plants during the 1970s.

Massive Attack released a limited edition spray can containing around a million copies of the album in each can. Band member 3D is an old school graffiti writer, fusing their love of music with graffiti culture. Future analysers shall look back decades from now and realise how on point Massive Attack were by not only utilising DNA strands to encode music but to present their new format in a spray can.

Massive Attack Mezzanine

You may well be searching the dark web to find a device that can play the Mezzanine album but have no fear, the band has also released the usual formats for all devices.




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