Banksy Graffiti Painted Over

Rare Banksy Graffiti Buffed in Bristol

A Bristol shop owner was shocked to hear the graffiti he’d ordered to be painted over was in fact a rare Banksy throw up. Some street art fans are unaware the street artist began his career as a graffiti writer in his home-town of Bristol during the 1980s. The shutters in question have a long history in the city after first being painted by 3D (Massive Attack) in the mid-eighties. Soon followed by Inkie, FLK, Dicy and Feek TCF Crew.

“Banksy then painted a rather ugly freestyle over this in his pre-stencils period. It didn’t go down well and probably better for him it’s being painted over.” Inkie (Graffiti Artist)

It was brought to the new business owners attention after Banksy fan Simon Whiteaway questioned a painter who was already halfway through painting over the rare Banksy graffiti.

Banksy Graffiti Painted Over
Photo: Ben Birchall/PA








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