Home Graffiti Reebok Graffiti 2.0 Instapump Fury Released January 2019

Reebok Graffiti 2.0 Instapump Fury Released January 2019

Reebok Graffiti 2.0 Instapump

Reebok Team Up with Vetements for Messy Graffiti 2.0 Trainers

We know what you’re thinking. What on earth have these trainers got to do with the graffiti art form? The poorly executed graffiti appears to be written by teenage school leavers rather than actual graffiti writers. Perhaps the designers asked everyone in their offices to contribute a few words. We searched through their promotional material in hope of finding any credits related to real graffiti writers but sadly couldn’t find any references.

Reebok Graffiti 2.0 Instapump
Reebok Graffiti 1.0 Instapump

The Graffiti 1.0 version was released in January 2017 and featured typical teenage expressions such as ‘I’m Bored’ or ‘I Want More’. The price tag was around $624 and they probably sold the entire range to folks with an interest in fashion trends rather than graffiti culture.

The Graffiti 2.0 trainers follow the same business model with slight moderations to the overall design. They have a similar look to the Brazilian gangland Pichação graffiti style and less busy than its predecessor. Which shows they made ‘some’ effort but not nearly as much energy as the project deserves. Given we’re living through the age of social media, it’s pretty straight forward to find real graffiti writers and artists, so there really is no excuse for failure.

Reebok Graffiti 2.0 Instapump

Trainers have been an integral part of graffiti culture since the 1970’s. Speaking as LSD Magazine, we could’ve hooked them up with global graffiti writers to produce something special.

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