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Seven Star Pub Yard Brick Lane

Seven Star Yard Pub Yard

We frequented this quirky little pub in Brick Lane during the 1990’s. The boss Wayne Anthony was even interviewed there during that period for Rough Guide to Ibiza. A listed building and pub of significant standing in public house history. Local to a variety of ‘characters’ over hundreds of years, in recent times Seven Star Yard Pub grew in popularity when street artists and graffiti writers began drinking there. It’s rich history dates back to the 1700s, the Eastend was a world away from the diversity we see on the streets today.

It closed in 2002 and became a Hall of Fame of sorts for the artists plugged into its glorious history. Control over the walls was managed to some degree for a number of years before the floodgates opened to any artist wishing to express themselves. It helped for emerging artists the spot was off the Brick Lane graffiti street art trail. Boosts those social media rankings, and why not, all publicity is generally publicity. On a summers day the Seven Star Yard Pub Yard is visited by a few thousand people a day, if anything our numbers are way too low, but you get the drift, it’s a hotbed of street art graffiti. Here you’ll find an eclectic fusion of styles, mediums and ideas, fighting for space among the layered conceptions of artists far and wide.

We’ve been publishing photographs from this spot since 2008 and have thousands of images shot over this period. This gallery represents an hour in day in Brick Lane 2019.

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