London Sticker Art Collection

Collecting sticker art is common among street artists and graffiti writers. They’re distributed and swapped on a global scale. Hundreds of new designs or reprints of old favourites are produced every single year. Where some might think the stickers would be plastered everywhere and anywhere, there’s a method to sticker placement. Following in the tradition of graffiti culture, street art stickers are placed in the spots normally frequented by graffiti slap up stickers. Common hotspots are lampposts and street signs, where a variety of designs are applied and often overlooked by the public. It’s a conversation that continues to mutate in every city on the planet. We’ve been shooting sticker art for over a decade and decided to post a series of both street art stickers and graffiti slap up’s.

Graffiti Slap Up Sticker Art Collection Part One

Class of 88 Banner
Once Upon A Time In Shaolin
UK18 Film Banner