Run Paints The Thinker Child on Royal Mail Building

The Thinker Child is symbolic of the artists approach to artwork and life in general. At a time when many street artists are turning to pop art culture for inspiration, RUN’s work is subjective to the viewer. We’re guided by the artist’s triggers but ultimately our experiences dictate conclusion. RUN’s artwork is equally at home in the Tate than draped across the side of a building. The Think Child reclaims the universe for humanity, harmonising the planets and star systems anchored to earth by the spirit of human consciousness.

‘The thinker child is a bookmark on our history (or prehistory) to remind us that we are made of feelings and stardust. It is a very deep meaning for me, maybe to deep and my mission is to bring that to the people. As a public artist this is my job to talk about visceral topics. Direct or indirect, political or subtle, my duty is not to repeat what the big industry that are flooding out daily life do. Me, I am a singular individual that have been given the opportunity to speak to a larger audience and this is what I have to do. I don’t feel like a messiah but more a traveller that tells the story of the places I have travelling through’. RUN



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