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10 Cool T-Shirts on Zazzle

10 Cool T-Shirts for All Year Round

The summer is officially over in the UK but they shouldn’t stop you stocking up on t-shirts. Those basking in the sun all year round will appreciate some new t-shirts. I’m sure some of you are familiar with the merchandising website Zazzle. We unleashed one of the team, tasking them with selecting ten designs that might suit our demographic.

1Killer Panda T-Shirt

People love panda’s and people love guns so why not combine those idealisms into one concept. All Sizes All Colours

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2Crazy Monkey T-Shirt

A surprising number of monkey’s ingest hallucinogenic plants in the bush. They also feature in the some of the most historic films in history. Planet of the Apes, Tarzan and others. All Sizes All Colours. View on Zazzle

3Bitcoin Not Bombs T-Shirt

It’s a tad geeky but we are based in Hackney, so all is forgiven. You can spend bitcoin in selected bars and restaurants in Shoreditch and there’s also an ATM machine in Shoreditch. Black T-Shirt. View on Zazzle

4Gas Mask T-Shirt

Not a techno mask, this is an old school gas mask for painters and aficionados. Light Colours.

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5Boombox T-Shirt

We owned a variety of ghetto-blasters back in the 1980’s. You’d walk around with it on the shoulder or holding the long handle. All Sizes All Colours.

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6Urban Monkey T-Shirt

Chimps feature heavily in street art concepts, you’ll find them in all cities in the world.

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7Old School Bike T-Shirt

Remember the old choppers of the 1970s and early 1980s? The coolest bikes on the block, l still have scars from that bike today. Health and safety wasn’t as much as an issue back, if it hurt, don’t do it again was the policy.  View on Zazzle

8Vintage Panda 3-D Glasses T-Shirt

Who doesn’t like a panda? We prefer our animals well trained, if they can’t watch 3d films with us, they gotta go. All Sizes All Colours

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9Urban Dog T-Shirt

We’ve been based in Hackney for years now, we’ve seen a huge increase in little dogs and pugs.
All Sizes All Colours

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10Tagger T-Shirt

Tag walls, trains and all surfaces in all cities

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