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11 of the Best Kung Fu Films Ever

Top 11 Kung Fu Films

Here is our list of the ten best kung fu films ever made. It’s not a chronological list, choosing our number one film of all time will take weeks of careful analysis and we’ll have to watch them all again. If you have any suggestions do send them in for another listing. We watched the older films at ‘late night pictures’ selected cinemas would open late to screen the films to rowdy noisy audiences in the 70s & 80s.

1Shogun Assassin 1980

A huge favourite for late-night-pictures in 1980. Packed to the rafters, after seeing this guy, everyone wanted to be him but with Bruce Lee looks. The sometimes chilling voice of the child narrating the film drilled into your very core. The Shogun Assassin is on a mission from the dark side after the Shogun’s men killed his family, leaving just him and his baby son. Right there and then, he offers his son a sword and a toy ball. Luckily the kid accepts the sword, blind to his faith had he chosen the toy. He builds a child’s pushchair, many dad’s would love to fashion today. Sharp blades built into its wooden frame, hidden away from view and armed by a few taps on the side. He has heighten senses that can detect potential threats and deadly with just about anything around him. This is truly a classic Kung Fu film.  VIEW ON AMAZON

2Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000

An epic film from Ang Lee set in ancient China with martial arts choreography from Yuen Wo-Ping (The Matrix). Stunning fight scenes and cinematic photography. This film has everything you’d expect from an old school film, produced with modern technology. The main themes are centred around love, honour and spiritual enlightenment. VIEW ON AMAZON

3Hero 2002

The cover carries Tarantino’s name but in reality it was written and directed by Zhang Yimou. A visually stunning film from beginning to the epic ending. The fight scenes are outstanding and the selected locations are awe-inspiring. The colours and grand scale of the locations are equally compelling as the films storyline. One man attempts to assassinate an emperor protected by thousands of men. Jet Li is the hero, a tried and tested martial artist that’s appeared in countless related films. It won’t be easy so our hero must devise a cunning plan to get closer to the target. VIEW ON AMAZON

4Drunken Master 1978

The original Drunken Master is a classic which features Jackie Chan and a must for collectors building authentic film libraries. The young Jackie is taught the Drunken Master technique by an old drunk on the street. Once he learns the method, he becomes quiet fearless whenever there’s alcohol around. VIEW ON AMAZON

5Enter the Dragon 1973

An epic film the star himself never got see at the cinema. Bruce Lee died before the film was screened to global audiences. Millions of fans around the world love this film. One has to wonder what he might’ve thought of the film. It was the first blockbuster of its nature, parting the waves for others to cross more safely. Bruce Lee brought more westerners into martial arts than any living or departed soul in history. VIEW ON AMAZON

6The Killer 1989

Director John Woo was the ultimate action film director who introduced a variety of nuances commonly see in films today. The actors do have guns, actually they have a gun in each hand, this doesn’t detract from the intensive cinematic scenes. He inspired a host of film directors including Tarantino who considers John Woo a mentor. VIEW ON AMAZON

7Kung Fu Hustle 2004

A city besieged by gun totting gangsters of the 1940s. One man is destined to defeat the gang although he takes a little convincing to make his move. A funny film with great special effects and fight scenes. VIEW ON AMAZON




8The Way of the Dragon 1972

Old school Bruce Lee film from the nineteen seventies, back when king fun films were relatively new to western audiences. You had watch them at the cinema, this is before videos were invented. Features big fights scenes with Chuck Norris. VIEW ON AMAZON



9Once Upon a Time in China 1991

Old school Jet Li in this epic martial arts film set in China. A huge film release in the early 1990s featuring huge fight scenes. A hero comes to aid locals from their colonial oppressors. Cinematic locations and fight scenes. VIEW ON AMAZON



10House of Flying Daggers 2004

Beautifully shot love triangle between two close friends and a slave girl at a local brothel. Director Zhang Yimou (Hero) is one of the great directors of the age. The films he produces are truly masterpieces of cinema. The colours, texture and storylines are equally as compelling as the cinematography. VIEW ON AMAZON

1147 Ronin 2014

Cinematic delight as a cast of strong actors embark on a journey with but one ending for the 47 Ronin. They must defeat a tyrant protected by witchcraft and magic. Luckily the boy they found years ago half-dead in a stream has the answers and skills they need to complete the mission. VIEW ON AMAZON



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