5Pointz Legends Paint 21 Stories Stairwell in New York

The 5Pointz Graffiti Collective were recently commissioned to paint the entire staircase and stairwells of the new citizenM New York Bowery. The collective made global headlines earlier this year after winning a legal battle against the owners of the famous 5Pointz buildings in New York, where they won a whopping $6.75 million in damages for destruction of their artwork. While still in appeal, it was a landmark case in the history of publicly created artwork.

The 21 stories stairwell brought twenty of the artists back together for a permanent installation at the New York hotel. The project titled “A Vertical Love Letter to the Bowery,” took 420 hours and 500 spray cans. The twenty artists have created a variety of styles for the staircase from photorealism to old school graff. The hotel is opening soon and visitors can see the new works up close and personal.



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