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Above the Clouds Mural in Serbia

Artez Above the Cloud Serbia
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Artez Paints Above the Clouds in Belgrade

Serbian artist Artez is frequently featured on the network due to a prolific work ethic that shifts the artist from one airport to another. We often discuss his work but no-one can quite articulate his process like the man himself.

‘Leaving your comfort zone is important. Being on the edge of the unknown makes you stay focused and the fear that is constantly there never lets you relax. You need to be sober, to live the moment, to feel the gentle breeze on your face, try to embrace it and finally…enjoy!
Project was initiated and organised by the neighbours that live in the building on which the mural was painted and it is a great example of how a small group of people can make a big impact that will influence the whole neighbourhood.

Mural is painted in the span of 10 days. Working on heights was done only with the use of ropes, rope descending equipment and rappelling devices. Biggest challenge was staying safe while putting all the attention into painting (that is probably the reason why it took so long to finish the project).’ Artez

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