Specially Designed Acid House Trainers on Sale Now

As the thirty year marker brings a close to three decades of Acid House, the now grown up party goers of the period have produced a variety of products, musical plays, albums, the rare reunion and Acid House Trainers. 

Hailed as the ‘Second Summer of Love’ Acid House captured hearts and imagination. Culminating in some of the biggest and most documented illegal warehouse parties in history. We know because we witnessed the growth first hand. 

A selection of organisations and events stand out against the landscape such as Genesis’88, Spectrum, Sunrise, Trip, Shoom, Energy, Sin, Future, Biology, Loud Noise, Land of Oz or Rage. We didn’t write this blog post to drop names or prove our worth in terms of historical context. We cut our teeth at Acid House circa 1987 – 1989 / 90, travelling far and wide to either stage illegal warehouse parties or attend one. 

Fashion played its role during this transformation from designer clothes to T-Shirts, colourful shirts, baggy trousers, ripped jeans and boots. In August 2018 Adidas Originals teamed up with Size? to release a set of specially designed trainers under the ‘Acid House pack’ banner. This was pointed out to us by a person with an extremely large trainer collection, on hearing our involvement with Acid House. Minutes later we are staring at the brightest trainers we’ve seen in a while. They certainly got the colour scheme correct and they also shared a little insight on how why they chose the smiley face of Acid House. Size? credits our boy Danny Rampling for appropriating the iconic symbol for the new loved-up movement of happy people. 

We loved where the blurb on the website was going, they seemed to have someone on the team that had either personal experience or detailed researched on the matter. Then we reached the part of website blurb which states they remodelled a training shoe from 1997 to symbolise the 1980’s. Yes the colours work and if you like trainers from the nineties then do ignore our rant. Our issue isn’t the Falcon Dorf style, it works perfectly for the period originally produced. Drum and Bass was breaking through the mainstream along with its predecessor Jungle, platforms bettered suited for the nineteen nineties trainer. 

In 1987 we were just getting over The Beastie Boys and Run DMC era, Hip Hop has a deep-rooted connection with Adidas. In terms of Acid House trainers, Timberlands were a common sight but ‘ravers’ wasn’t ritually wearing Adidas. It didn’t become part of the uniform that symbolised your alliance with the culture. 


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