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Beware of Fake Stik Street Art Prints

Fake Stik Street Art
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Fake Stik Prints Warning to Buyers

On 12th December street artist Stik posted a warning regarding fake prints being offered to collectors in recent weeks. Stik has always been meticulous with his artwork, choosing to only release a certain number of prints every few years or so. The fact someone has produced fake art prints is nothing new to the art world. Street artists other than Banksy appear to have evaded the fraudsters until now. The fake prints are actually being pitched to collectors and anyone with a chequebook.

Stik’s epic rise to global recognition came from sheer hard-work and determination to succeed at something which brought him great joy. His iconic Stik figures are all unique, evoking different emotions for viewers.

“A number of STIK collectors have been offered fake or imitation STIK artworks on canvas. These appear to be the work of one producer and are being offered for sale at around £7,000. There are reports of collectors being asked for or losing deposits of £3,500 for artworks that have subsequently been found to be fake during the course of the transaction.

If you or anyone you know are offered or have been offered what are suspected to be fake STIK artworks please contact:

studio@stik.org or Scotland Yard with crime reference number NFRC191003283143.”

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