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In the age of Netflix, established networks such as the BBC are finding it difficult to keep audiences tuned into their tired content. Considering how much money they steal from the general public, one would expect high-end content on a daily basis. Granted this is the second TV series produced by the beeb featured in our listings but the series certainly feeds our craving for high-resolution TV. Political drama wrapped in conspiratorial power-plays to keep the general public blinded to the truth. A hero bodyguard to a controversial politician intent on pushing a new counter-terrorism bill through parliament. This puts the RT Hon Julia Montague MP in immediate danger, as principle security officer, the hero must decide whether he should defend or allow her assassination or indeed kill her himself.

Bodyguard BBC Season 1 – 6 Episodes

Bodyguard BBC Season 1 Bodyguard BBC Season 1


iPlayer Season One Episode 1


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