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Eat Grub Edible Insects For Sale at Sainsbury’s

Eat Grub First to Mass Market with Edible Insects

We consider ourselves well travelled souls with open minds and adventurous hearts. We’ve been welcomed into many an international household where local delights were offered to us on a plate, piece of wood or even a leaf. On one such occasion whilst hanging out with the Flying Doctors in Lesotho, South Africa, we were presented with a live goat by a mountain tribe. In South East Asia we ate poisonous snakes, large spiders and sharks but steered clear of the rank-looking edible insects. Years soared by and many of the crew became vegetarians or vegans, choosing plant based diets and yoga rather than international clubbing.

You can imagine my surprise when shopping in Sainsbury’s at 7am for croissants, hanging from the shelves were packets of Smoky BBQ Crunchy Roasted Crickets. An imported item was the first thought but on closer inspection it appeared a company in North London were producing the edible insects.

Eat Grub Edible Insects

Staff at Sainsbury’s were shocked to see the Eat Grub edible insects and even more stunned to actually see the crickets in the palm of my hand. The smoky BBQ flavour actually overpowers the taste of crickets so aside from the visual aspect they actually taste like specialised crisps. I purchased several packets choosing to spend the day feeding everyone l encountered on my journey. Although most people flat out refused to taste or look at the roasted insects, those that took the plunge actually liked them.

Eat Grub Edible Insects

A quick search on the internet threw up the Eat Grub website where we found all manner of protein rich products. Crickets are high in protein, fibre, vitamin B12 and calcium. If that doesn’t peak your interest, insects are more sustainable than our four legged friends and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.

Eat Grub Edible Insects

We ordered an assortment of goodies and waited in anticipation for the edible insects. The energy bars are naturally flavoured which helps mask the raw taste of powered crickets. The protein powder can be used for cooking, shakes, smoothies and sprinkling over food. Where the other products are flavoured, the powdered crickets has a unique aroma and taste that takes a little getting used to. Personally speaking l don’t mind consuming the powdered insects but they must be fused with other natural flavours. Like it or not crickets are a super-food and highly concentrated source of protein. Eat Grub have also launched their buffalo worm range which you can add directly to food. I’m sure this is but the first wave, now the team has crickets on the map, it wont be long before a new product range is launched.

Our general impression is that we enjoyed the grubs and plan on using them as a source of protein for our active daily lives. Oh, and just so you know, we’re spiking all the Christmas food with cricket powder, only the veggies and vegans on the crew are safe.

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