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Stra Street Art

Stencilled Visions of the World at Large by STRA

When street artist STRA began attending art school, street art or graffiti were the furthest thing from his mind. When he discovered the spontaneous public format, it gripped him by the heart, a spray can became a weapon. Undeterred by tutors at art school whom disregarded any future in public art. He adopted the anonymous persona of STRA and kept his identity secret for ten years.

‘I don’t paint for the beauty of it, I rather prefer painting the reality’

Over the years he developed a variety of techniques to deliver his newly found purpose in life. The chosen messaging is political satirical and social commentary. Using black, white & red as his favourite colour palette, STRA reached out to the world, a variety of countries and cities were exposed to his symbolic artwork.

‘I’ve been painting streets around the world for over 10 years now, with always the same mission: dropping as much messages as possible’

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