Video Gamers Homes Raided for Evidence of Cheating and Sued

When you’ve played video games for as long as we have, it’s extremely likely you’ve purchased or used a downloaded cheat from the web. It might’ve been reading a walk-through (text doc) created by a keen gamer which helped you find the hidden room in Tomb Raider 1 & 2 or a hack for your computer game. Some consider using walk-through’s as cheating. They grew in popularity so quickly publishers began printing full colour brochure-like walk-through’s sold through newsagents.

Youtube upped the game, by showing videos rather than text documents from specialised websites. All gamers seek to improve their skill base so it’s generally accepted by game developers. Game developers made it easy to share videos on YouTube, it wouldn’t take long for gamers to record different methods of cheating the system. The popular games are curated by thousands of Youtubers or social media gamers that upload videos outlining the best match plays or weapon set ups.

Game Developers Raiding Cheaters

In recent times game cheaters are producing software that greatly improves strategic areas of your game. Who really cares you may ask yourself, but when playing online against unknown competitors using cheat software to automatically aim and shoot you every time you appear on their radar, it’s hugely frustrating. Unloading entire clips into a player who not only survives but ends your life, can be really annoying after the first few times. Yes, players can leave the game and search for another but when countless gamers are using the cheat software, finding an organic game isn’t as straight forward as one may hope. Our conditioning makes it hard to officially report such behaviour, generally there’s always someone out there more cheesed off than us.

In recent months game developers have gone on the offence by tracking and locating perpetrators who are then arrested and possibly jailed if found guilty. Rockstar Games and their team of ninja lawyers were granted the right to search homes and seize all evidence related to the cheat that infected their online network. Epic Games are suing Youtubers for selling cheats to gamers. They’ve filed a lawsuit against one of the biggest gaming channels Golden Modz and partner in crime Excentric for using and selling Fortnite cheats. Lawyers argue the Youtubers profits should be confiscated as well as paying damages and court costs.


Developers are keen to send a strong message to the community, but as one network crumbles another takes its place and the game begins, over and over again.





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