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Geopress™ Water Purifier Kickstarter


Grayl Geopress™ Purifier Best on Market

We’re happy to see the team at Grayl pitching their new Geopress™ Purifier bottle. We’ve been using their original bottle since it first made waves a few years ago. As l throw these words together my bottle sits on my desk with its blue filter attached. The filters are interchangeable, blue filters are for domestic water supplies such as home and urban environments. The brown filter kills just about anything and filters water from any source in the field.

The all new snazzy bottle has been upgraded with a new user friendly lid. The claim it makes water taste better is absolutely true, friends have tested me and lost on this fact. They cannot deny the improvement in taste once put through the Grayl water purifying system.

The crowd funding pitch was for £23,529 when they’ve actually raised more than £129,000 so far with 8 days let on the campaign. We can totally vouch for this product and you will too believe us.

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