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Graffiti Writer Bond Truluv Official Book Kickstarter

Bond Truluv World of Style Book
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‘World of Style’ Book Crowd Funder by Bond Truluv

German graffiti writer Bond Truluv is releasing his first official book byway of the crow funding network Kickstarter. Perfectionist Bond Truluv is a hard working artist that has broken bread in countries far and wide. The artist uses a variety of techniques devised to create a spectacular visual impact of his artwork.

We had the pleasure of working with Bond Truluv at our sponsored Malta Street Art Festival, so we got to watch him at work. He spent a great deal of time at our paint sites and then he’d get up at 4am to go photograph his work. Aside from his augmented reality artworks, Truluv actually paints the special effects you see on the wall, it’s not photoshopped later.

The book World of Style is only available byway of the crowd funding campaign with perks for early supporters.

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