IRL Glasses

IRL Glasses Block TV & Advertising Screens

Inspired by cult classic film They Live, IRL Glasses were designed to block out the screens we encounter on a daily basis. Unlike the honesty of the film, IRL glasses actually block the screen, leaving a dark space in its place. The project is already way over the original campaign pitch of £19,124. The IRL Glasses have already attracted pre-orders to the tune of £96,524 with nine days until the campaigns ends.

“Not too long ago, phones were attached to the wall, TVs weighed as much as refrigerators and computers rivaled minivans in size. Then everything changed. The world has seen an explosion of screens all vying for our attention (Americans spend  11 hours a day looking at screens, NY Times 2018), making it harder and harder to have uninterrupted experiences and genuine human connections. IRL Glasses put you in the driver’s seat to control when and how you engage with screens” Team IRL

IRL Glasses

“The design for IRL Glasses is unique and iconic, inspired by the 1988 cult classic film, ‘THEY LIVE,’ where a magical pair of glasses blocks ads. The glasses are all black, with the IRL logo printed in white on the sides of the glasses” Team IRL

IRL Glasses




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