New Jungle Album Just Hit The Streets from Saxxon

In celebration of the Liondub International label’s 10 year anniversary, Norwich, UK based producer Saxxon has recently released “Action Saxxon – Jungle Odyssey”, his premiere concept LP . Well known and highly respected for his soulful, and experimental Jungle Drum and Bass sound, Saxxon has had releases on major labels such as V Recordings, Liquid V, Chronic, Spearhead, Dread, Colab. G13 and the Drum & Bass arena imprint. “Action Saxxon – Jungle Odyssey” weighs in at a solid 23 tracks and is is a testament to the producers creativity, versatility and the depth of his production skills. The album also has an amazing cast of guest producers and artists including T>I, DJ Limited, Jaxx, AK1200, MC Navigator, MC Coppa, Blackout JA, Capital D, Liondub and more.

We recently sat down with Saxxon for a chat about the album and what he is up to.

Jungle Producer Saxxon Interview


Before we start, I just want to say I love the album. Its obviously a Drum & Bass/Jungle album. But there feels like theres heavy influence of Hip Hop and Dancehall. Are you a big Hip Hop head? And if so, when would you consider the golden era to be?

I love hip hop. It was the first genre I discovered myself by buying a Public Enemy record for 50p from a local carboot sale when I was very young . I just liked the cover and when I heard it, oh boy! So yeah that came out in 87…so 87-94 for me.

With the music market the way it is, a lot of artists have decided to just release singles and EP’s recently. Its a bold move to release an album in today’s musical climate with streaming and album sale dwindling. Was your plan to make an album? As in did you start putting this body of work together as a conducive project or did you record some tracks, and then the inspiration hit you that this should be an album?

Yes it was initially an EP, then after inspiration struck, discussed the idea of a concept album with Liondub and he was all over it!

So with that in mind, How long did it take you to record?

From start to finish about 3 years, but the main body about 6 months of adding and subtracting tracks to make up the story.

There are so many brilliant vocalists on the album. What is your working process when you work with a vocalist? Do they come to your studio, or do you send them a track? And what would be your preferred method of recording.

I’m very lucky to have the vocal talent I have on this. Approach definitely varies..if there was time and suitable logistics to work in the studio with every vocalist I would! On this record I linked in UK and Amsterdam to work on music with Mr Multiplex and it was pure vibes and instant development. The rest of ??the talented heads sent me files to work with, some I sent the track, others I built the track around their original vocal. As we did on Ganja Dance with T>I.
Jungle Producer Saxxon Interview

You have a very clean, yet very warm sound to your production on the album. Are there any little tips you can let our readers know about how you get this sound? Obviously don’t give away any of your studio secrets.

Thank you ! Ok I won’t then! Shut your eyes and listen. (Also use the force where applicable)

If i put a gun to your head and you absolutely had to pick your favourite track from the album, which would it be?

I would disarm you peacefully. Unload the weapon, put the safety on and tell you calmly how the whole album is a story and I couldn’t possible pick a favourite tune child. Not fair on the others. Then I’d call the police.

So now the album is wrapped up and dropped in stores, whats the next step for you? Are you going to hit the road to support it? If so, what are you going to do? Live show? DJ’ing? Are you going to take any of the vocalists on the road? where can our readers hear you play?

Yes yes there are tour dates, including the album featured artists, so people should tell their favourite promoters to hit up Urban Agency for details. I’m headed to Colombia tomorrow for 25 years of V, and then Canada at the end of October. Keep an eye on my page for details.

And lastly, any shout outs?

Giant shouts to all involved in and around and collaborating on the LP, T>I, Mr Multiplex, Lee, Jon Scott, Coppa, Billy Limited, Dave AK1200, Capital D, Blackout Ja, Jaxx, Mikey Blitz for his skit, the legendary Navigator, my friend???s feedback, Liondub for letting me put out a concept LP, you guys for doing a feature, promoters worldwide who use proper sound systems and the chef at Fat Burger in L.A, I jungle salute you all!

Jungle Producer Saxxon Interview




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