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Mobstr Graffiti Removal Quiz 2017 – 2019

Mobstr Test Two
Mobstr Test Two

Antagonist Mobstr v Council Officials

British antagonist Mobstr is well known for his signature one liners and stencil typeface. Where some call him a street artist others say his background is in graffiti. The man himself has this to say on the matter…

‘I am not a typographer.  I am not an artist. I am simply a guy who thinks too much. I am an antagonist. I question everything. I disassemble what is around me. I try to twist it, undermine it, subvert it. There is no future in my existence. I am a positive nihilist. I love what I do and I exist for that purpose. The concept of reality terrifies and excites me. I am baffled by those who do not spend a considerable portion of their life questioning it. I realise what I do is as meaningless as the rest of it, yet I still persist and I am content.’

Where some artists avoid conversations with graffiti removal squads, Mobstr welcomes the dialogue with open arms. He gently pushes officials into participating in his live organic art projects. The ever-patient antagonist can wait up to two years before a conversation is considered complete.

This means the artist travelled past the wall on countless occasions over a two year period. The temptation to add another line to the composition must have been challenging but the artist strapped himself in and stuck to the long game. The results are really quite clever, a developing conversation between a random street artist and official council workers ensued.

The Brown Shapes series ran for two years before the artist brought the dialogue to closure. Makes you wonder whether the officials buffing the artwork realise its directed towards them. One pictures a hard-working blue collar grafter having a quiet chuckle to himself as he paints over artwork on a wall. Mobstr engineered six different quizzes over the two year period.

In all honestly how can anyone think that horrible brown paint is better than graffiti is beyond us. We understand erasing the artwork but buffing it with different colour paint only makes the surface look worse.

To view the complete six tests visit the artist’s website and show him some support.

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