Mr. Dheo and Pariz One paint the new student residence of Temprano Capital Partners in Porto (Portugal)

Mr Dheo Pariz One Portugal
Mr. Dheo and Pariz One – Livensa Living Porto Campus

Mr. Dheo, with the collaboration of the artist Pariz One, has performed an art intervention in the two facades (of 137,5m2 each) of the student residence Livensa Living Porto Campus (Porto, Portugal) of Temprano Capital Partners. The mural, done with spray technique, aims to trigger awareness towards two social problems: racism and xenophobia.
Mr. Dheo and Pariz One have painted the façade of the building with a realist mural that transmits the need of respecting others and promotes equality from a social perspective. Through the incorporation of symbolic elements such as a world map or two hands forming a heart, the artists have unified races, ages and cultures.

The project has been co-curated by Sónia da Rocha, director of Public Art Programme and manager of Sonae Sierra’s Shopping Centres and the person who has selected the artists, and the architect José Quintela da Fonseca, who has designed the student residence Livensa Living Porto Campus. “Including public art in student residences allows buildings to establish a direct communication with the public, making a difference to its anonymous surroundings and having the opportunity to be remembered”, highlights Quintela da Fonseca. On the other hand, Da Rocha points out the particularity of the project since the area of Asprela in Oporto is a very different territory in comparison to the city, far away from tourists and mainly inhabited by local families and thousands of students from all over the world: “it is a great opportunity for its inhabitants to have a public artwork of this beauty and category”.

With this intervention in Asprela (Oporto), the artists not only promote a better self-awareness of key values for the functioning of our civilization, but they also show the ability of urban art to act as a social catalyst in the public space. “Mr. Dheo and Pariz One’s work in Asprela is an amazing contribution and reflection for our society, as it talks about tolerance between different cultures and societies. Nowadays the world needs peace and people living in harmony”, adds Da Rocha.