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New Dune Film Releasing October

Dune 2021

He Who Controls the Spice – Dune 2021 

Dune is a complicated sci-fi storey written by novelist Frank Herbert that follows the Atreides family as they take over spice production on the desert planet Arrakis after being chosen by the Emperor. Spice is the most valuable drug in the universe since it is the only component necessary for space travel, but it is also prized by Arrakis dwellers for its mind-altering hallucinogenic properties. Young Paul Atreides begins to have gloomy visions of a dreadful fate that awaits them as they prepare to travel from the lush planet Caladan to the arid world of Arrakis.

The Harkonnens are planning against the Atreides clan, commanded by the monster Baron Vladimir and his bloodthirsty nephew Rabban. That is only scratching the surface of what Dune is about, as Herbert’s work also deals with an old prophecy sacred to the Arrakis people, which some believe Paul and his mother’s presence will bring into motion.