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Perpetual Flow in Morocco by Gerada

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Perpetual Flow: the impressive land art piece created by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada in the desert near Ouarzazate (Morocco) to bring attention to the importance of waste water management. Commissioned for the 2019 Lavazza Calendar ‘Good to Earth’ 

‘Perpetual Flow’, Gerada’s first large scale artwork in Morocco, extends over 37,500 square meters – the equivalent to 5 soccer fields – and was created using rakes, stones found at the site and 36 tons of dark gravel from a nearby quarry. The work was created with the help of local assistants, high-tech geo-location equipment and drones. Running water flows between the fingers of two huge hands in a “perpetual flow”, symbolizing the success of the amazing project in Ouarzazate that now reuses waste water to create a greenbelt around the city in order to protect it from sandstorms

Ouarzazate is a city located south of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It is known as the door to the Sahara and will soon be surrounded by a greenbelt protecting it from sandstorms. This natural barrier requires innovative irrigation systems that deploy purified wastewater, improving the quality of life for Ouarzazate’s inhabitants who have found new recreational spaces and a reason to protect the local environment and the biodiversity that it contains. 

Wasted water is recycled, collected, filtered in reservoirs and then pumped into the greenbelt with the aid of clean power generated by the Noor Ouarzazate solar power plant, the largest in North Africa. 

Good to Earth 

‘Good to Earth’ is the name of the 2019 Lavazza Calendar, now in it´s 27th edition. Lavazza is a company established in 1895 in Turin which operates in more than 90 countries around the world. 

The initiative, curated by Francesca Lavazza and developed with the creative direction of Armando Testa, consists of 6 art installations in nature, distributed around 4 continents and set within different environments, forests, deserts, glaciers and cities. The calendar focuses bringing attention to virtuous projects for reforestation, protecting biodiversity and the conversion of industrial areas into green spaces in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which contributes to protecting nature and therefore the planet. 

The nature art created by internationally famous urban artists Hula (Switzerland), Mantra (Kenya), Saype (Colombia), Gómez (Thailand), Millo (Belgium) y Gerada (Morocco), was developed using only techniques that have zero impact on the landscape and the ecosystem and can only be described as a ‘process of co-creation with the environment’. 


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