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Primavera Insurrecta Mural by INTI in Chile

INTI Mural in Chile
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‘Insurrect Spring’ by INTI in Santiago de CHILE

Chilean street art ambassador INTI (meaning sun in Quechua) produces stunning murals around the world. The epic sized masterpieces hold profound meaning to the artist and viewer. The chosen colour palette, textures and original characters are testament to the artist’s creative prowess. Each signature mural is reflective of its landscape and memory of its people.

“As we begin this work in collaboration with @galerialira, the biggest social mobilization in Chilean history is brewing throughout the country. Both the title and the elements that dress the female figure changed according to the pulse of chaos and civil disobedience that we experienced during the first days of mobilization, which was followed by a carnival of social demands that awaited the moment of becoming all one; DIGNITY! A shout that, had it not been accompanied by insurrection, would never have been heard. A shout represented in fighting tools, and our demands in a utopian vision of the new Chile.” INSURRECT SPRING” October 2019, Santiago de CHILE


Santiago de Chile, Octubre 2019@galerialira

Posted by INTI on Wednesday, 20 November 2019
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