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Quirky Street Art Hotels Hugely Popular Among Travellers

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Decorated Street Art Hotels Opening Around the World

As the tradition of street art graffiti seeps deeper into the mainstream’s conscious reality, companies are searching for ways to capture this demographic. In an age of social media, owners are realising the marketing impact of guests posting photos of their rooms and hotel spaces on their profiles, pages or groups. Street art hotels have been popping up around the globe for some years now. Young owners or corporations have been commissioning street and graffiti artists to re-brand their hotels, retail outlets, gymnasiums, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

When Airbnb changed the game, travellers embraced the infinite possibilities of sleeping at quirky locations. Seasoned travellers want an authentic experience, where most hotels can often feel disconnected. A message heard loud and clear by owners rising to the challenge with new found vigour. First to take a hit was the hotel’s mass produced safe and boring artwork.

Given our proximity to street art graffiti in every city on the planet, it makes sense to call in the cavalry. You’d be surprised how much can be accomplished in relatively little time by individual artist’s or collectives on a time restricted mission. We’ve witnessed thousands of live painting sessions over the past decade and commend the transformative power that artists hold over any space both large and small.

Street Art hotels, that is, hotels promoting their services using street art graffiti as the unique selling point. Where the rooms are named and graced with either exclusive artwork or an artist’s signature pieces. We’d expect to see murals and artwork painted on walls rather than hung canvases.

It’s arguable where the trend first started but we’re aware of hotels in hotspots such as Ibiza, Amsterdam, Paris, Palestine, Thailand, London, Mexico and New York. In the most recent street art hotel offering in Australia we see Art Series Hotels are offering guests a chance to ‘Grab a spray can, mask up and leave your mark’.

Street Art Hotels
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