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Rainbow Project – Art at High Altitude

Rainbow Project Refreshink 3
Photo: Claudio Bellosta

Refreshink Paints Water Tank in San Romano (Pisa)

Inaugurated in San Romano (Pisa) the first mural painted on a water tank at a height of 30 meters

A freshwater fish, a swan, a kingfisher. In the background, the rainbow colours. An urban art work which can spotted from a distance of several hundred metres. The location is San Romano water tower, in Montopoli in Valdarno.

The artist is Giovanni Magnoli a.k.a. Refreshink.

The Rainbow project has been officially inaugurated on May 15th: 100 coloured balloons (rigorously biodegradable) have been launched by the pupils of the local primary school. Rainbow conveys a message halfway between art and sustainable development which is in line with Refreshink style: a blend of technical ability and a peculiar, empathic care for nature and animals.

Rainbow has been commissioned by Acque SpA, a water supplier in the Basso Valdarno area. It represents a brand new approach in Italy to urban requalification of water tanks. The project aims to invite to optimize resources. The San Romano water tank renovation works have allowed the artist to use the scaffolding as a work platform to paint the mural on the tank.

Rainbow Project Refreshink 3
Photo: Claudio Bellosta

“To paint on a round surface while standing on a very narrow scaffolding was quite challenging” – stated Refreshink – “this was my very first time working on a such a 360 degrees surface. As for the project, I had to sketch a sample of the procedure before putting it into practice. From a professional point of view it has been quite an interesting and innovative experience”.

The water tank renovation finished in May 2019: beauty and environmental education flank the structure efficiency and safety. The work of art displays three animals whose existence consistently “pivots” around water and becomes the symbol of a wonderful and fragile ecosystem.

This artistic intervention is meant to be the first of a series which will lead other Italian and foreign artists to repeat such a positive experience.

The company has been supported by the City Council as well as by the Associazione Culturale Undicesima Lab and by the two experienced curators and event managers Martina Coletti and Cristina Trivellin.

Rainbow is intended for an area historically rich in artistic and cultural events. Thanks to this project the boundaries of the most celebrated locations are sort of extended by shifting the focus to unheard venues. Beyond the historical cities of the area – such as Pisa and its tower or the famous Keith Haring mural – new contemporary works of art will engage in dialogue with the local tradition icons. The murals will be standing out in the sky and convey contemporary messages.

Rainbow Project Refreshink 3
Photo: Aldo Filippi