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Fiona Oakes is One of the Toughest Women in Britain

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Firstly let us start by saying Fiona Oakes is an absolute vegan beast of a runner. Told she wouldn’t walk again as a teenager, after undergoing over 17 operations, culminating in the complete removal of one knee. Fiona would later become one of the greatest marathon / ultra marathon runners on the planet. She holds 4 world records and continues running today.

Runners compete for personal challenges, medals, prestige or greatness. Multiple record holder and world record holder Fiona runs to raise awareness of a vegan lifestyle and maintain her own animal sanctuary (Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary) with over 450 animals.

Fiona doesn’t just compete in the toughest races in the world, she’ll run all the races in one week. Running marathons in extreme environments such as the blistering heat of the Sahara desert, sub-minus temperatures at the North Pole and Antarctica where she set course records.

In training Fiona runs a marathon distant in the morning and comes home to feed hundreds of animals. Responsibilities she shares with her husband who does what he can to keep the lights on at home. They sold everything they own to build the sanctuary and give a home to many desperate animals. They survive on donations and a little sponsorship. The animals take first place in their lives, running comes a long way after that. You don’t have to like running to enjoy this amazing story of a beautiful person trying to do the right thing by animals. Running for Good highlights her amazing journey on what’s considered the ’toughest footrace on earth’.

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