Street Artist Stik Authorises Charity Sale of Family Group Mural

Street artist Stik isn’t one to boost about his work with countless charities, non-profit organisations, or community groups. The murals created by the artist has raised six figure sums for the companies sanctioned by Stik. Whenever sales of this nature take place the artist places himself firmly in the planning and presentation of his artwork. This greatly increases the value of the murals carefully removed from buildings. The painstaking job requires a professional hand otherwise it could be damaged, and therefore devalued as street art.

We personally filmed and shot photos of the artist as he painted the Big Mother mural on the Charles Hocking House tower block in Acton. When painted in March 2016 the mural was the tallest in the UK. The building was scheduled to be demolished so the developers gave Stik permission to paint the largest mural of his career. A towering 125ft (38.2 metre) that can be seen for miles around in West London. It’s on a busy flight path, keen-eyed travellers can spot the mural from their windows.

The Family Group mural was a much smaller piece painted on the same tower block. Property developers professional salvaged the mural which they estimate will raise £150,000 for local charity ARTification.

“The painting was on fragile brickwork that could have disintegrated at any time during the extraction. It was touch and go at one point whether one of our specialist teams could pull it off but after weeks of painstaking work they did” Mike Woolliscroft (Property Developer)




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