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Storm Area 51 Meme Getting Serious

Storm Area 51
PH: Jody Miller

Storm Area 51 Event on Facebook Makes Global News

They’re calling Storm Area 51 ‘an internet meme gone viral’, posted by a depressed internet troll. The event bares the hallmarks of a track-able PR campaign, executed by marketing savvy teams around the planet. They need only light a fuse and control the end result. What’s the ultimate goal? Unless you’re kissing the right ring, your guess is as good as ours.

The official Facebook event page has over a million people registered as going. The forward charge is scheduled for the witching hour 3am on September 20th. Independent memes, merchandising, instructional videos and potential leaders emerged at light-speed.

Storm Area 51

Phase one completed the next stage activated the world’s press. The story spread like wildfire throughout the states until reaching European shores. International eyes on the matter has only increased the likelihood that people will show up on the day. Live streams broadcast everyday from people (allegedly) preparing for the event or group meetings discussing strategies to enter the compound have surfaced on social media.

Storm Area 51

News media stories caught the attention of the US Airforce who issued serious warnings against anyone trespassing on American soil and they would defend America against any enemy whether foreign or domestic. Officially it isn’t even called Area 51 but why on earth anyone thinks they can storm a military base and break into bunkers holding intergalactic secrets is beyond imagination.

Storm Area 51

If you were storing alien beings, flying crafts and futuristic weapons, surely there’s a chance someone or something will attempt to steal or retrieve them. We imagine it takes some serious fire-power to even scratch a secured military compound containing weaponised secrets.

They won’t need an army to keep trespassers out, they’ll roll out sonic sound weapons and stop them in their tracks. The same LRAD machines already deployed on countless occasions against protesters across the states and selected countries.

May The Force Be With YOU