Street Art Duo Succeed in Returning Missing Community Mural


Stik Forces Return of Community Art Project to Poland

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In 2011 STIK painted a large mural in Gdansk, Poland with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. Afterwards STIK stopped off to make another, collaborative mural with a group of local kids nearby which they titled ‘It’s Complicated’. In 2014 the murals, both painted on shipping containers went missing and pieces of the artworks reappeared in a London gallery, severed at the hands first selling at around £30,000 a pop. The works had been ‘acquired’ by Lamberty Antiques and later spread to Bankrobber then Kronsbein of Munich. One of the young people who had been involved in making the mural, known only as ‘Miss Take’ founder of the collective ‘Graffiti Ladies’, joined forces with STIK and together they vowed to take on the galleries.

Finally, in 2019 after 5 years of campaigning, petitioning and gaining public support the Kids’ mural was completely recovered and shipped to Gdansk. Most of the STIK mural was retrieved and destroyed by the artist to prevent them re-entering the market and the missing pieces registered with the relevant authorities. ‘I only permit the sale of street artworks when the money goes directly back to the community it was painted for.’ said STIK who regularly works with charities in this way. ‘I’m really happy to see the mural coming back to Gdansk, it has been really hard work to get it back where it belongs. Finally!’ said Miss Take. The mural currently sits in a storage facility on the outskirts of Gdansk hoping to find a more public place to live…

The return of the mural was made possible by Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Boodle Hatfield LLP, Graffiti Ladies, Miss Take, The Institute of Art and Law, Becky Shaw, Fred Clark, Michael Edinburg QC, Tim Maxwell, Rudy Capildeo, Ania Szynwelska, Jadwiga Charzynska, Alex Herman, Detective George Demetriou, Richard Roberts, Kinga at JLSW, The British Council, Art Loss Register, James Ratcliffe, Flight Logistics, Russell Perkins, RYCA, Jo Brooks, Urban Art Association, Jack Cerrano, Mikey Dread, Robin Phillips, Claude Crommelin, Ana Laurini, Kilburn Strode, Carrollanne Lindley, Jack Cerrano, Wayne Anthony, Printspace,, Giles Angel, Sheila Chandra, Grayson Perry, SOSM, Mariusz Jaksik, Hackney Citizen, The Art Newspaper, Melanie Gerlis, DACS, Evelinka, RSH, Richard, Invader, Clet Abraham, Mr. Simon, Ling Mann, Emiliano, Kevin, New Waverly Studios and everyone who signed the petition.

Stik Polish Mural

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