Street Artist D*Face Paints Ferrari 488 GT3 Art Car


D*Face Paints ‘Save the World’ Formula E Art Car

Cybersecurity powerhouse Kaspersky Lab recently tipped their digital toes into the creative arts pool by commissioning different British street artists to take part in their global commercial campaigns. This time they’ve hired D*Face to design and paint a Ferrari GT3 Art Car for their Save the World campaign.

The Ferrari took to the track for the GT Nations Cup race in the Bahrain last weekend. Built by Kaspersky Lab and Envision Virgin Racing, sponsored by Team Italy and painted by D*Face.

The world’s first ‘Formula E Art Car’ was produced earlier this year and shows the corporation is taking a different approach to hiring talent for their commercial campaigns. D*Face produces some of the most iconic pop-art inspired artwork on the planet. A street artist by nature his work has appeared on huge walls in cities around the world since disrupting the street art scene in 2005.

Speaking ahead of the race, D*Face spoke of how excited he is to see his design on the race track, commenting:

“I am beyond excited for the GT Nations Cup and to see my design race around the Bahrain track. This is going to be special. I am a huge motor sport fan. Since creating the Formula E art car with Kaspersky Lab, I have been desperate to see our ‘Save the World’ design travel at breath-taking speed on track and you can’t get better than a Ferrari. May the best-looking car win!

Throughout the ages, art has been used as a vehicle to demonstrate powerful messages through metaphors and symbolism and this car acts as a real message of hope. Saving the world isn’t just the job of cybersecurity companies like Kaspersky Lab, this is after all, our world and we need to look after it. We all need to act to make a real lasting, impactful change.”


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