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Thomas Barnett & Ecilo – Forbidden Planet EP

Thomas Barnett & Ecilo - Forbidden Planet EP

New EP from Thomas Barnett & Ecilo on Visillusion

MGMT PR | Release Date: August 16th 2019

Visillusion (Detroit, USA) is back with 4 solid chunks of some funky & banging Techno from Thomas Barnett & Ecilo as they deliver their “Forbidden Revolution EP”. These guys must be taking notes during their DJ sets because this EP dazzles the senses with epic melodies, pounding drums, & hot Summer-time flavor…

An eerie message from the creepy American serial killer, Charles Manson, kicks things off on Barnett’s heat-driven, hot new number titled, “The Street”. This track’s funky bassline & synth chords will have you dancing & sweating up a storm. TB’s “Forbidden Planet” starts off thumping with some trippy, beeping notes before embarking upon a fantastic & dramatic interstellar synth fest… Top Detroit electronic funk right here.

Ecilo (from Jakarta, Indonesia) has been blowing our minds this past year & he comes back STRONG once again with “Revolution”. This beautiful & haunting piece with saxophone master, Tino Sax, will just wreck your head as you get lost in their fusion of jazz, techno, & strings. These melodies will carry your soul to uplifting heights & remain stuck in your head long after the track is over. Ecilo closes out the EP with “This Is What We Do”, a frenetic floor filler that bangs & bangs with furious rhythms & syncopated hits that puts a perfect finish on this adventurous outing from this upcoming Visillusion gang.

Visillusion is a label run from Detroit & Jakarta simultaneously & will soon be planning a global tour with their primary artists, Thomas Barnett & Ecilo.