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UFC 229 Officially The Biggest Fight in UFC History

Fans have been waiting for two years to see Conor McGregor back in the cage defending his championship belts. UFC 229 brings these two enemies together in Las Vegas this weekend.

McGregor made global headlines when he fought Money Mayweather in the biggest boxing clash in history. Just hearing those facts really boggles the mind too someone born in the age of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Haggler, Hitman Hearns and Duran.

Alas, facts are facts and with the global draw of Pay Per-View (PPV), savvy MMA fighters can take home millions of dollars for each bout. Whether you love or hate Conor, the man has changed the game for fighters in MMA. Where fighters were receiving $50,000 for each professional bout, they are now getting much more for the process. Granted our man the Notorious McGregor is top of the heap and receives millions today. He’s certainly the richest UFC fighter and he’s only thirty years old.

UFC 229 is a fight everyone is longing to see and on Saturday night we’ll get to see the worlds most infamous fighter in action once again.

Tony Ferguson is fighting one of the Pettis brothers whilst the other brother is also fighting on the bill. We’re huge fans of Ferguson so its an extra treat to catch him in the cage again.




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