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‘NUMU’ International | Mural Festival | Crowd Funding

NUMU Festival

International Festival of Nuevo Mural in the Ecuadorian Northern Sierra

“We are trying to raise money to carry out the fourth edition of the NuMu, a festival of new international mural that takes place in the northern highlands of Ecuador, since 2017, is an independent and self-managed project, which is maintained from the regular support of an active community of people who accompany their multiple expressions, that is to say, it does not depend on any contribution that comes from institutions outside of itself.

Collaborating with several of the most influential Latin American artists of Street Art such as, Alex Senna, Cix, Decertor, Elliot Túpac, Evoca1, Gleo, Matusao, Mundana, Pino, Toxicómano Callejero or Werc.

We have been working hard to maintain this project for the last 3 years, but maintaining it is increasingly difficult, so we go to the community, and invite you to be a part, helping us to pay for this new edition. For this kickstarter campaign we have also made beautiful and exclusive rewards that I hope you like. We are very excited to be able to carry out one more edition of the festival. We hope to exceed the amount we set ourselves in this campaign, because the necessary one is much, much higher, ¡WE COUNT ON YOU!.”


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