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Spidertag Light Installation Street Art

Spidertag Street Art

Spidertag Lights the Way for Others to Follow

Spanish artist Spidertag earned his name by creating intricate webs produced with wires or string. He travelled the world painting and producing his signature installations in different cities. The artwork served its purpose by day but sadly lacked impact at night.

The artist then discovered highly adaptable cables he could manipulate to form shape and fill space. The artist’s installations are given a new leash of life, the artwork can be seen in daylight, but now by night they appear like beacons of light. This opened a world of possibilities for the artist who now had an entirely new platform to show his works. As the first artist to creatively use the light cables in the public domain, he receives invites from festivals and organisations across the world.

The artwork shares the distinctive appearance of neon-lights powered by electricity. The lightweight material isn’t powered by the means of electricity or generators.  The applications for Spidertag are endless, although his focus remains on creating impactful street art.


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