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Part One The Death Squad TDS Book

Part One The Death Squad TDS Book

New York Graffiti Legend Part One TDS

Part One TDS was painting in New York at the age of eleven circa 1971. Later president of the infamous graffiti crew The Death Squad (TDS), Part One and crew painted hundreds of trains in a very short period. Part One and TDS created the standard by which all trains would be painted in New York. The city was a tough unforgiving playground for graffiti writers but also local gangs that tag their territory and fly their colours. Think of the film The Warriors and you’ll have a partial visual to work with if needed. Writers were evading cops, gangs, head-cases and often other writers. Part One TDS reveals much of his story in the book Part One The Death Squad, documenting the rise of graffiti in New York during the formative years of the art-form. The foreword is written by another graffiti legend Mare 139 who pays homage to a legend in the game.

We met Part One TDS after introductions from our long term sparring partner and founder of Destroy All Toys crew Kay One (France / New York). They’d flown over for a book signing at Chrome & Black, l got my copy direct from the man himself. Kay One also introduced us to another legendary New York writer T-Kid 170 who popped down to promote the London screening of his graffiti documentary film The Nasty.

Part One The Death Squad is published by From Here to Fame Publishing (On the Run Books) and highly recommended for aficionados and anyone wanting to understand where and how the culture came about in New York.


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