Yi 4K Action Camera

Yi 4K The Best Action Cameras in the Game

When you search E-bay or Amazon for action cameras, dozens of cameras appear in the results feed. In the years before they were called action cameras, it was rare to see these units in non-specialist online stores. As film makers we were instantly drawn to the cylinder shape cameras of the first wave, which allowed us too shoot HD footage in a completely new way. We produced some short art house films for LSD Magazine using the cylinder shaped camera before upgrading to the new kid on the block.

GoPro offered a broadcast standard HD action camera along with a variety of mounts and accessories, marketing the unit as an action camera. It lived up to all expectations, quickly becoming the leading brand in the game. We spent thousands of pounds on GoPro cameras and official accessories.

A quick online search for 4K action cameras pulls up numerous units produced the world over. Each company trying to position themselves as GoPro’s global replacement, without much success. The Yi Technology company is making a serious play for the action camera market by producing a range of UltraHD units at affordable prices. Our initial introduction to Yi Action Camera’s was the 2K unit, a camera comparable to the GoPro range. The footage is quite stunning and for a fraction of the cost of their counterparts. Fast forward to July 2016 and the Yi 4K Action Camera is the king of the heap and built to even higher standards than the current GoPro Hero 4 BLK. A quick online search will produce various listings and reviews detailing the exact specifications of both units.

Today the Yi 4K Plus is the best 4k action camera on the market. It certainly has more functions than its arrivals, not for novelty sake, serious film makers can really fine tune the unit to their desired outcome. We’ve been using the Yi 4K Action Cameras for two years now and well impressed with the UltraHD footage and just as important are the many settings that allow full control over the 4K unit. Designed for professionals and consumers alike, the Yi range of cameras and accessories are now available in the United Kingdom. Including a hand-held gimbal for stabilising your camera when moving and filming.

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