Humanium Metal – Fresh Top from ForeverSpin

We’ve been spinning our ForeverSpin tops since the companies hugely successful crowd funding campaign some years ago. The beautifully crafted spinning tops are forged in various metals and mathematically balanced. As the words strike across my keyboard, an early edition to their collection made of titanium, spins in complete silence on my desk. We have five different metals (Mini MetalMuseum) and if you spin one, you spin all. Everything stops in those moments, the silent spinning is cushioned with high frequency sound. Controlling the urge to spin any top more than once is challenging at best. Presented in a variety of ForeverDock’s forged in different metals and a unique base, compliments the tops perfectly.

Foreverspin Humanium Metal

New Edition – Humanium Metal

‘Humanium Metal is an award-winning extremely strong and hard metal made from confiscated illegal firearms gathered from conflict zones around the world. Sale of Humanium Metal help victims of armed violence and funds raised aim to help rebuild conflict-torn societies. Due to our world class-reputation for quality, we have been trusted to be one of the first companies ever to transform this new metal, making this top a one of a kind release. The result is an incredible finish and a quality top that you or your loved ones should be proud to own.’ ForeverSpin Team

Foreverspin Humanium Metal

‘Disclaimer: this New spinning top release has nothing to do with politics or gun control. Foreverspin is a Canadian company and has nothing against legal and controlled ownership of firearms. The Humanium metal initiative specifically focuses on conflict-torn societies with severe gun violence in developing countries around the world. Sale of Humanium Metal helps victims and aims to aid in rebuilding of societies in developing countries that have been affected by gun violence.’ ForeverSpin Team